Packaging and Pricing

Pre-made Book Cover

$90.00-$100 USD Includes free Title Page if requested. I use stock images from Deposit Photos, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. Note: Some prices may vary depending on the work done on the book cover.

Pre-Made Book Cover package

$200.00 USD for Ebook and Paperback. Hardcover is subject to another $30.00 USD charge.

Custom Book Covers

$350.00 USD. Up to 6 revisions are allowed. A deposit of $50.00USD (non-refundable) is required on any custom book cover.

Trilogy Bundle

Discounts up to 15% will be applied to bundles including pre-made covers that turn into series on the second and third covers.


Audio Book

$30.00 USD Free with package


$60.00 USD

3D Box Set

$75.00 USD

Social Media Images

Starting at $30.00 USD

Wide Image

$30.00 USD

Interior Title PNG


Logos and Author Branding

Prices start at $100.00 for independent authors and $200.00 for publishers. All prices are USD. 

Logo and branding design is usually purchased when an author wants to make a brand. I can create a custom design for the author’s name in the same way a company would create a company logo. Your name becomes your brand.

I will do several versions to fit with different social media and author websites so no image is pixelated. I will send different drafts and you decide which one you like best, unless you hate them all. =D Then I will re-design. I can provide a light and/or dark background at no extra charge. 

Box Set Design

Front Book Cover Design and 3D Box Render for Existing Covers: $75.00 USD

Brand New Book Cover Design and 3D Render: $250.00 USD (This is for a brand new cover that I’ve never designed before.)

Promotional Banners

Fantasy Maps

The price of a fantasy map will depend on the size and details involved in its creation. The client must send me a sketch of the map in order for me to create it. Prices will range between $300.00 to $500.00 USD (Prices are non-negotiable. Once I quote price it is locked in).  I will quote up front once I receive the sketch. Time frame of a map can take upwards of 6 weeks so please be prepared to contact me at least 2 months in advance to give me time to create the map. 

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